The intense and exotic island

The island of Reunion described as an earthly paradise. In the fifteenth century it is situated nominal Arab sailors on a map, since in 1516 the Portuguese Pedro Mascarenhas rediscovered the island, which he called the Mascarene. In 1638, the day of the feast of St. Paul, the French Salomom Goubet, vessel commander of the St. Alexis, landed in a bay he named St. Paul. But still visit today, he said the French island.  images

It is in 1646 that the island receives its first inhabitants, twelve men strong dolphin (Madagascar) are abandoned. Two years later the twelve men gathered at the surprise in excellent health. The France became interested then to this island. autosurf

Flacourt, governor of the island Madagascar renamed « The Bourbon ».

The Bourbon gradually becomes a place of supplies for the navires.En route to India. Under pressure from the East India Company, The Colony develops, cultivates the spices and coffee fetches the workforce in Africa, Madagascar and India. The island was bought in 1764 by the king. After the collapse of the East India Company, This is the beginning of a good time thanks to the export of coffee that will last 30 years. In 1792 it was renamed the island of Reunion. In 1946, Reunion became a French department following an almost unanimous political becomes aware of the situation and change. Today, Reunion is in a modern island in the Indian Ocean and has a very high development level.

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