What is relaxation

If one addresses a specialist in relaxation he’ll tell you to relax is needed to better managestress. A state that for the doctor and the specialist is quiet, calm, well-being, selfconfidence and letting go. We find a few lines in his terms that have already beementioned on the net.


Indeed, how could one feel good, relaxed, completely relaxed, if we did not trust in ourselves, or if we still were feeling some reluctance to let go. By cons, if we talk to people to find out how this could be useful for them to relax, it is not safe to have answers and there will be the most common type:


I do not want to have problems
I want to feel good
I want to be happy
I need to make lots of money

If asked to further clarify the meaning of: to feel good or to feel happy, it often gets confused responses followed a damning: I do not know.Unfortunately, this is an accurate reflection of reality. Few people pay real meaning to being happy or feel good. Those who would like to earn more money do not always know

what they would do.
Seeking to relax can not be to fill a gap or hide suffering. It’s not a drug that you take at one time to clear the pain or be hurt. Relaxation is an approach by which every day we learn to ask specific acts by which one becomes more conscious. It is a commitment to live fully in order to improve daily.  260689
If you are considering the practice of relaxation, do not do to relieve you of a sore for a few minutes, but doing it rather to find a definitive answer to your suffering. An answer that you must find through several sessions before seeing the result transform you completely.

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