The 4th magic ingredient to running a profitable online business

Profitable Email Marketing

Often you hear people online say that the 3 things you need to build a profitable online business are:

1. trafic                        11062364_1576015062677413_7287076547688929944_n

2. Conversion

3. Ventes

The formula is generally presented as follows:

Traffic + Conversion = sales

Now the first thing people do when they follow this formula is to find a hot market.

Then they find a product to sell in this market.

Then they drive traffic to this offer to get sales.  1eaf04_3655

The problem is … which is totally backwards.

There is a fourth ingredient called economy,

This triangle, created by Perry Marshall and Jack Born, shows that the economy « E » and without it, the process is not working.

You see, you have to make a profit on what you sell (after taking into account what you spend to generate leads).

.If you do not make a profit on what you sell, you do not have a business. You will end up losing money and unable to buy more traffic.

You can reinvest in your business and buy more traffic if you make a profit.

Voilà économie.


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